GLIOMA:検査入院 その1(検査項目)

These are the records that I am hospitarized to examine to prepare for the surgery.
From 15 April to 25 April 2014.
Examination items are,
* Blood test
* Electrocardiogram
* X-ray
* MRI (with/without a contrast medium)
* CT (with/without a contrast medium)
* Intelligence test
* fMRI
Nurses measure a blood pressure and a body temperature every day. They confirm the number of times of your urine and feces.
I weight myself every time if I go to MRI or CT.
You should note down what the staff of your ward say about orientation and notices. I wrote down my attentions for my first hospitalized as follows,
* You will be used to meals of a hospital in shortly though volume are not enough and tastes are rather thin. They are pretty healthy.
* You are in your bed if a party of doctors go round in your ward.
* Exercise with rubber band if you are in good health.
* You should have the document for limitation medical expenses in Japan.
* Call your insurance company and receive your claim document.
* iPad or iPod for your free time if you can use them in your room. Wi-Fi router are still needed. SIM are selected very carefully but you are limited communication under a control by a communication company.
* You can read some books in a plenty of time.
* You have enough time to spare.
Subjective difficulty rate: ★☆☆☆☆ (However I went to a restraint to have a special lunch of beef tongue steak for 1 week.)