This is the record on 3 April 2014.
I and my wife go to a university hospital that my neighbor hospital introduced me is aligned with. It has a big building.
Many patients are queuing at a reception counter with their information letters.
We entered into an examination room after waiting many times.
A doctor seems same age or younger than me.
The doctor asked me about no symptom at all, right handed and so on. Then he explained us a details of my tumor and a surgery for me.
Summary is,
1) Examination

  • The MRI image shows that the tumor seems to be a glioma of grade 2.
  • It is a low malignant tumor. But it is not a benign tumor.
  • It is not a course of a dizzy for me.
  • The tumor will be become large at a low speed.
  • There is some possibility that the tumor transforms into a malignant tumor.

2) Surgery

  • Newest treatment direction said that taking out of the tumor will be good for prognosis. The tumor taken out from my brain are investigated to be decided a decease, also by gene analysis.
  • The surgery will be operated in an awake surgery because the tumor is near the speech center. There is some possibility that the surgely is not operated because of the location of the tumor.
  • It takes 6 hours, including 2 hours in the awake surgery.

3) After surgery

  • I should wait for driving a car for 2 years or more because of epilepsy. An epilepsy is start from a surface of a brain.
  • I will leave hospital 2 weeks later from the surgery.
  • Patients have no symptom will come back for work in 1 month.

4) Examination for surgery

  • A location of a speech center is found out to a certain extent before my skull is opened by MRI while I do some language task.
  • PET is carried out to find the tumor by blighting.
  • Treatment of radiation or chemotherapy should be decided to operate after the examination.
  • I will be hospitalized for 2 weeks.

I talked the doctor that I have the surgery as soon as possible. Then I will be hospitalized to examine to prepare to operate the surgery. The doctor said that I can decide whether I have the surgery or where to do after the results of the examinations are produced.
I will go forward.

Subjective difficulty rate: ★☆☆☆☆ (I will be waiting for my bed reservation to be hospitalized.