My doctor explains us the result of the surgery and the biopsy and the treatment after the surgery.
My wife and my father joined.
The summaries are,
1) Results of the surgery
* 70 to 80 % of the tumors were taken off. Remained 20 to 30 % were not attempted by force because that were on the circuit of the speech center and were not malignant tumor with the biopsy in the surgery room.
* the result of the regular biopsy is that the name of the disease is diffuse astrocytoma of grade 2 which is expected before the surgery. Ki-67 is less than 1% that means activated bad cells are 1% or less. It is not a very malignant tumor.
2) Treatment after the surgery
* My body is recovered satisfactory. I will leave this hospital on 3, July.
* My tumor will be checked in almost each three month. I will come this hospital in end of this month for the first check after the surgery.
* I should take a rest for this month.
* My scar of my head needs 100 days to recovered.
3) Spasm of epilepsy
* My doctor said that a medicine I taken was not need for now because you did not have a spasm. A medicine have an effect to stop a spasm, not to stop epilepsy.
* I asked that it is dangerous for me to stay alone. Possibility to have a spasm is quite low, but staying alone seems to be is dangerous.
4) If the remained tumor become larger.
* The tumor will be taken out by a surgery. I could not catch what my doctor said but radiation treatment is not taken for my tumor on the basis of this hospital policy.
My doctor gave me a photo of the opened my skull.
The skull was closed by two titanium plate, a string and artificial born. Big!
I will get my mind ready to have the surgery again in almost ten years I can not expect.
But we have already know the location of my speech center and the appearance of the tumor. We can open the my head and it is easy to take off the tumor. I concern whether the remained tumor becomes a malignant tumor.
Subjective difficult rate: ★☆☆☆☆(The result was fixed. I will go with this tumor.)